"Over the past 20 years, I've tried literally hundreds of protein powders. Most of them did nothing but upset my stomach and waste my hard earned money. Honestly for the past 7 years I'd sworn off all protein powders. Until I tried HydroWhey from MuscleWiz. I don't how they did it, but this is by far the best powder I've ever used. It's easy to mix, tastes great, and feeds my muscles what they need without the upset stomach. So believe me when I tell you HydroWhey works! Thanks Muscle Wiz."

- Kurt Elder MSW, CPT | Energy F/X Fitness Consultants

"I use a lot of your products including X3, glutamine, and the Amino Isolates. Either way I love the product and the fact that it just lets me do things that I just felt weren't human. The best part is I don't get any jitters or feel any different. I just climb for 3x as long and can stay on the wall for ridiculous amounts of time that I thought I could never do. Keep putting out awesome products."

- Allen Bakshiy

Muscle Wiz giveaway winner Michelle Degro, pictured with Bonnie Coggiola Wbff Pro.

"Muscle Wiz is for me. Thank You."

- Michelle Degro
"I would have to say my favorite product stack is nitro pump / amino / and x3... The pumps are ridiculous... I love to sip on rx90 to keep dry and give me energy throughout the day.. And their Hydro Whey is delicious... Top of the line product. I love everything in their inventory..."

- Felix Gonzalez
Meet Alex! He had an on the job injury a few months back that caused him to tear his ACL. His knee was always bothering him due to all the walking that he does during his long shifts. Alex was introduced to the Reactive Repair product just a few weeks ago. As you can tell he is doing so much better and has seen a difference in just a couple of days!! The swelling has gone down so much that he can lift his knee up and run, even though he still needs to repair it through surgery, the Reactive Repair lubricates the joints and keeps the inflammation at bay!! Try it for yourself. It's great for anyone who is active or on your feet all day.
"I love that the X3 keeps me pumped during and well after my workout. "

- Les


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