Bonnie Coggiola always knew she wanted to make a difference in other's lives.

Born and raised in Southeast Missouri, her love of competition drew her into a life filled with barrel races, volleyball, swimming, snowboarding and more.

These varied, but nonetheless intense athletic pursuits, alongside of her love of competition, lead her into the fitness arena. It was only a short period of time before the industry took notice. Bonnie made her first huge splash on the fitness scene as a spokesmodel for one of the internet's biggest on-line supplement stores. Always looking to expand and grow, Bonnie then began competing with the national Physique Committee (NPC). Bonnie has won several awards. She now carries her WBFF pro status in fitness.

Bonnie is also as successful health business entrepreneur, as the founder of OneFitness101. OneFitness101 is her personal training company. At OneFitness101 Bonnie motivates her clients to reach their fitness goals. She not only does one on one training, but provides daily health and fitness tips on her personal Facebook and Twitter pages as well. "My mission is so much bigger than one on one. Social Media allows me to fulfill my desire to reach and support as many people facing challenging health and fitness struggles as possible."

The road for Bonnie has not always been smooth. After extensive knee surgery, she was moved and further motivated by the dedication shown by her doctors, trainers and rehabilitation specialist throughout he recovery. Upon full recovery, she new without a doubt she could do more. She continued to educate herself on what it took to excel as both a trainer and a client. "Seeing that look on my client's faces when they made progress made me realize, I could make a difference too." I still find great satisfaction in knowing that fact.

In her quest to regain her competitive edge for fitness & competition, Bonnie began an intense supplement regiment. Her local Max Muscle sales rep referred her to a product that would undoubtedly change the way she would train forever. After her knee surgery and subsequent rehab, Bonnie was overly concerned with the load being placed on her knees during her leg training session. She had experienced intermittent swelling and nagging joint pain. She feared that she would cause damage to her surgically repaired knee. "Fortunately, the sales rep pointed me in the direction of the Muscle Wiz Brand, specifically their MUSCLE WIZ REACTIVE REPAIR." For Bonnie, the product started to work instantly. The swelling began to subside to the point where she could perform successful leg routines and workouts without concerns for the knee. "I recommend MUSCLE WIZ REACTIVE REPAIR to anyone who has joint pain." Bonnie also recommends MUSCLE WIZ's full line of products to her clients as well. "My clients are looking for results. MUSCLE WIZ products alongside personal dedication provides those strong results. Their complete line of supplements can give your training a substantial boost."

"I use MUSCLE WIZ on a daily basis. It's not for everyone. but it works for me and my clients. My Clients and I have the discipline to move forward and live our dreams With MUSCLE WIZ products, I know they are leaving my care with the necessary
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