Born and raised in Texas, staying active and playing sports was a way of life for Kelly. At the age of 10, she concentrated her efforts on the art of dance, participating in drill teams, elite traveling teams, and competitive teams. These efforts landed her on semi-pro and even pro football cheer teams. At the age of 19, Kelly focused on her family business and became a mortician. When not working, she continued to dance and run to stay active. Her passion for health and fitness lead her to California to explore a new career path more in line with her dreams of making a difference in the lives of others. She obtained her Holistic Nutrition Certificate from Clayton College of Natural Health. During school, Kelly sustained a leg injury while dancing in a performance group, it was this injury that introduced her to Yoga. This introduction opened a new door and Kelly immediately knew that she would also become a Yoga instructor. Further solidifying her decision, Kelly suffered a stomach collapse called SMA, while training heavy for dance and triathlons. She to this day, attributes her yoga practice to saving her from surgery and helping her get through a lengthy recovery.

In 2009 life opened an opportunity for her to move to Japan, where she was first introduced to fitness competitions. During this time, she worked for Ironworks, a gym on MCAS Iwakuni, Japan an amazing experience and facility that she will never forget. Kelly became more into fitness than ever, participating in strongman competitions which she is Ms. Strongman Japan 2011, teaching Yoga, ballet, gymnastics and running strenuous training programs for the US military and civilian population living overseas. She was asked by her training coordinator if she had ever thought about competing, that questions changed Kelly's life and help land her where she is today. Stepping on stage for the first time, Kelly placed 2nd in a local NPC competition, she went on to place first at her very next one. She moved on to bikini and figure with both NPC and Fitness America Pageants, never placing below 5th place and gaining 3 time national qualifier. She will take the stage in the WBFF World competition in Las Vegas August 2013 as well as a few other local shows.

Currently Kelly works as a Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, and Pilates Trainer for David Barton Gym and Elevation Fitness. Her Master Pilates Certification allows her to lead clients through restorative exercise programs and help those dealing with injuries, training for special events, or those with other health and fitness needs. She also writes fitness programs and diets or clients around the globe, she enjoys seeing not only the bodies of her clients change, but also their lives. She believes in creating a balance between body, mind, and soul to achieve optimal results.

When not competing, Kelly spends time cooking and working on recipes for herself and her clients, making clean eating tasty and fun. She is also a musician and a lead vocalist for two bands where she sings, writes, and plays guitar. For Kelly, music makes everything come together. She hopes to go further into Ayurvedic medicine and continue on her path of becoming an MD. She will be starting school again this fall to pursue this next chapter and continue down the path of making her lifelong dreams come true.