Stacy Marquez

Stacy joined our team in 2017. Not only is she a mother of 3 boys, she is a Nationally Ranked NPC Masters Bikini competitor.

Stacy has always been very athletic and very competitive. From being a High School swim competitor, a Field Hockey player, and an energetic Cheerleader, she has always loved sports and competition.

Although fitness has always been an important part of her life, her dreams and aspirations were put on hold while raising her 3 sons and dedicating all her energy into her family.

Now that her children are grown, this 46 year old mom has reinvigorated her passion for fitness. Not only is she a certified personal fitness trainer in her profession, she is actively pursuing her dream of becoming an IFBB Pro.  Stacy competed Nationally in 2019, where she ranked 3rd place and just missed earning her Pro Card.  

Stacy is currently gearing up for her 2020 return to Nationals where she will compete again for her Pro Card.  

Stacy uses Muscle Wiz products daily on and off her competition prep seasons to fuel her body with superior supplements. Stacy tells us “Body building and competing can definitely take a toll on your body. That’s why I rely on Muscle Wiz products to make sure I get the proper nutrients my body needs to preform at its optimum level and aid in retaining my muscular development.” She also tells us she has tried many other supplements in the past but “they are loaded with unnecessary chemicals that don’t sit well with my body. Muscle Wiz is quality product and my body knows and feels the difference.”