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energy pre workout

RX-90 Slim Stics

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This great tasting slimming drink mix will boost your metabolism helping you achieve the lean body you've been working so hard to achieve. Many of us suffer from a dormant/slowed metabolism for numerous reasons such as a long workout drought, weight gain, poor eating habits, the list goes on. 

RX-90 SLIMSTICS are the perfect way to start your body transformation program or energize your existing program that is taking too long to give you the results you deserve.

We've made weight loss simple and convenient with our portable SlimStics. Take them to work, the gym or wherever you need to jump start your weight loss program. All you need is one SlimStic a day either before your workout or everyday between your breakfast and lunch meals to ensure your body fat burns more efficiently.

  • 30 Single Servings Stics
  • Boost Your Metabolism 
  • Power Through Workouts
  • Slimming Drink Mix
  • Convenient & Portable